Entrepreneur Checklist


We all have limited time resources. The more work you can get done in your time, the better. The ultimate goal of any entrepreneur is to be productive as fuck, that’s why we will start our checklist with some productivity tools.


Some (including me) work better with music. As music is a matter of taste, please see this point as a kind reminder to test music while you’re working. It may work wonder. This is what I’m up to at the moment: Click here (YouTube link)



One of the things which helped me build my business alongside my 9-5 job was an ASMR video which includes office noise. Access the ASMR video here
Putting some headphones on, listen to that office noise and start being super productive!



You’re an entrepreneur. Your mind is filled with ideas. It doesn’t even matter if your ideas are great, but you should always write them down. Tools like Evernote make it super easy for you.

Access Evernote here

Start making notes today! (definitely get their phone app)



Headspace is a guided meditation app which helps you to get… well… headspace. Super easy to implement and can turn you into a productivity monster!

Access Headspace here

Is it getting wild (and weird) in your head? Get some Headspace!

Business Name

A business needs a business name, right? Right. Unfortunately, coming up with a cool name is harder than we all think. It’s not like cool names pour out of our head all the times. It’s tough. To get (needed) help you’ll also find two great business name generators!



Uniq is an amazing and super intuitive tool which helps you to find a cool business name (or at least get inspired).

Access Uniq here

Ez! (easy)


Oberlo Business Name Generator

Oberlo has a very cool tool which allows you to enter a keyword (eg. the product you sell) and then shows business name ideas based on that keyword.

Access Oberlo’s Business Name Generator here

Go get a cool biz name!


WIPO Global Brand Database

This one actually does not help you to find a cool business name but maybe prevents you from deep trouble. This database helps you to find trademarks and other brands.

Access WIPO Global Brand Database here

Always do your research on a business name! It’s crucial.

Price Calculation

Revenue means nothing. It all comes down to your actual profit.

To know how much you should charge to actually make a profit, you have to calculate your prices right. I came up with a solid calculation spreadsheet for you. All you have to do is to enter your numbers and hit enter. The result is your potential profit. Easy as a Sunday morning.

Access Calculation Spreadsheet here

Free Stock Images + Videos

Whether you’re looking for content for your social media pages or to design your website, as an entrepreneur you’re always in need of great visuals!

Below you’ll find great resources for both, free stock images and free stock videos.

Free Stock Images

Free Stock Videos

It’s like having your own professional photo/videographer, whaaaat!


Make design great… (& easy) again! It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, design plays a huge role! It’s the stuff that attracts people. Unfortunately, very few of us are designer. Below you’ll find some tools which help you great designs anyway!
Please note: the following tools are very similar. I like all of them equally.



Canva is one of the most popular drag & drop design tools. With a ton of free templates, it lets you create great designs in minutes!

Access Canva here

Tip: You can also create great Instagram story designs by using custom dimensions (1080px x 1920px).



Stencil has very similar features like Canva but also comes with a wider range of customizing templates.

Access Stencil here

If you’re looking for a more advanced tool and are ready to spend money on it, Stencil is the way to go.



Like Canva and Stencil, Designbold lets you create great design in minutes. It has everything you need if you’re not a designer but wants to create designs for your business!

Access Designbold here

You won’t be the next Picasso of the internet, but it will definitely help boost your business.

Social Media Automation

We need some holy chorus sounds here! Time to be passive, aka set our social media posts on auto-pilot. Being an entrepreneur means to deal with zillion different tasks day in day out. To post on a quadrillion different platforms can become a super annoying part of your business. Luckily, there are tools which post for you.



Missinglettr doesn’t even just post for you, but also actually creates the post for you. It analyzes your website for blog content and creates a 12-month social media campaign out of each blog post.

Access Missinglettr here

You’ll be able to recycle every piece of content you have. Isn’t that great?



Buffer is a super popular tool amongst social media manager. It lets you schedule your posts in advance and posts automatically for you.

Access Buffer here

Bye bye, stone-age where you had to post your posts manually.